Central Oregon Snowbird Services

We check on your properties while you are on short vacations or gone from your home for the winter months...

Snowbirds... Most customers choose weekly visits to ensure heating systems are still working... They Fail. Water pipes are intact... They break... Picking up mail or packages left... coordinating contractors to gain entry for service work... Many of my clients maintain their homes here as vacation homes or rentals so I provide them with my services all year long. I provide emails from the site while I am there to inform them of the status of their home with photos if necessary.

Vacation homes here are often unused during the winter months due to people not wanting to drive from California or over the passes from the valley or Portland. Some let relatives use them in the winter for skiing and other winter draws. Lights on, doors unlocked or open. Damages by renters. You get the idea.  I will get you some pics as well. 

"Peace of mind while you are away"

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As seen in the Bend Bulletin!

Snowbirds get help with empty homes
Winter in warmer climes? Snowbird Services will take care of the house

Scott Whiteside pulled his truck into the driveway of a Brasada Ranch home that looked like it hadn’t been occupied for weeks. Its snow-covered driveway didn’t have any tire tracks or footprints, its front lights were off and the blinds were pulled over all of its windows.

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